An Orgy of Caloric Consumption

Fredy Davis:

I Love That One…..:)

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin is the frozen custard capital of the world. That its landscape is semi-arctic for half the year does not stop Wisconsonites from crowding into custard stands. When we pulled into Kopp’s on a Saturday, MTM laughed at how long it took us to find a parking space. “Leave it to Wisconsin people to wear fourteen layers of clothes, stand in the snow and stuff their faces with cold custard in January.”

Frozen custard may be a Wisconsin mainstay, but it was invented on Coney Island, New York. Two ice cream peddlers added egg yolks to standard ice cream way back in the early 1900’s, and the decadent texture of custard was born.

In case you were wondering, the egg yolks make ice cream richer and creamier, without the ice crystals and lumps that might haunt a typical gallon of vanilla from the freezer case. But, the egg…

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Fredy Davis:

London s so Beautiful.. :)

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Europe is one the most beautiful continents in the world. It is an outstanding experience which is recommended once in a lifetime. The historical monuments and rich in beautiful sites that take you back in thousands of years. Rich in cultural treasures and you will definitely appeal your taste buds with the delicious and yummy food. It is an amazing blend of villages along with the lanes and landscapes which will be a serene experience. It is the visual treat for all the travelers. This continent has so much on its platter that it will appeal your taste and you would definitely want to stay a little more.

Europe is filled with many cities and each one of it is famous for their respective talent, beauty and food. The top 10 cities in the continent of Europe are Paris, Rome, Milan, Luzern, Venice, Amsterdam, Munich, Florence, Vienna and London. Each…

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